After taking a rest from the crash season, «Ratobortsy» prepare for the new one. Agency lives in its own rhythm: working year is over in October and the next begins in November, when new projects are prepared. We celebrated the end of the season—2015 with a Mad Max party, but before that we meticulously calculated and displayed in the infographic some interesting facts about the last year.


remarkable girls

work in our agency. Exactly half of them are Anastasias. Rank second in popularity are Daryas, and two of them have patronymic Mikhailovna.

Anastasias Daryas

Hans Nielsen Langset

is the world record holder among bearded men. His beard’s length is 533 cm.

*95 cm —

total length of ratoborian beards.


were successfully realized by «Ratobortsy» during this season. Slightly more than one project per week.


as well as laborers and people who are interested in history helped us to implement our ideas.

Many a little makes a mickle

We have spread with our projects throughout Russia, but in our team there are mainly people from Moscow. At the same time we have staff members from Murmansk, Sevastopol, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Tula, Bryansk, Ardatov.

  • Murmansk
  • Kaliningrad
  • Bryansk
  • Moscow
  • Kaluga
  • Tula
  • Sevastopol
  • Chuvash Republic

search phrases

use visitors to find our site by search engines. People find «Ratobortsy» even by such queries as «rent a hamster costume» and «chopper of ancient epoch».


publications about our projects and activities appeared in the media that appreciated them highly.


publications have a constructive critical appraisal, and we have taken them into consideration.

guests visited our festivals

frankly, a little bit more, but the round number looks nicer.



in the person of their people visited the site of «Ratobortsy»



through their representatives participated in our festivals our festivals

14 301


were prepared for publication by our photographer Andrew Boykov, who took them at ratoborian projects and festivals.