Новый проект Ратоборцев — Городецкое гульбище. Август 1621

Firstly, I’ll ennumerate all the foodstuffs that Pavel had in the beginning of the project. Then we’ll see what has left. So, Pavel took in the past:

  • Oats — 400 kg
  • Rye — 80 kg
  • Barley — 150 kg
  • Wheat — 150 kg
  • Peas — 30 kg
  • Cabbage — 100 kg
  • Big basket of nuts
  • Two jugs of cranberries
  • Honey — 50 kg
  • Large box of dried apples
  • Half a basket of small dried fish
  • 49 large dried fishes (pike and something else)
  • 7 strings of dried mushrooms
  • 15 hens and one cock
  • 4 goats
  • Half a carcasse of sheep
  • 2 baskets of onions
  • 3 handfuls of garlic
  • Bark container of dried hawthorn
  • 2 small bags of dried thyme
  • Small bag of dried cranberries
  • Small bag of dried arrowwood
  • Small bag of dried blueberries
  • Small pot of amaranth seeds
  • Sack of oak bark
  • 2 bunches and a bag of dried John’s-wort
  • 3 bunches of dried raspberry leaves
  • Pouch of dried coltsfoot
  • Pouch of dried lungwort
  • Pouch of dried angelica
  • Pouch of dried roots of elecampane
  • Pouch of dried celandine
  • A pot of frying.

What has left after a month in Medieval Russia?

Millet, rye, wheat. There is a lot of grain, but it is eaten by mice, it sprouts and grows moldy.

The grain has been placed for storage in a damp house. And the weather is very wet.


51 cabbage heads have left. Each head is abou 1.5 kg. Pavel is sure that it’s enough for him till the end of the project.


Dried apples have a bit moldy, but they are still fit for compote. Garlic comes to an end. Meat and fish have spoiled. There are a lot of nuts, it makes Pavel happy, because they are high-calorie. By and large — everything. Meat frying may be enough for a month, if it is added to ration once a week. So, very soon Pavel will be a vegetarian. Although it is possible to go fishing.